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Transfer List 2016
1st Jun, 16

The New appointments come into effect on the 1stof June 2016. Either the provincial or one of the counselors will be present for the installation. At the time of transfer I request you to handover in detail all the documents pertaining to the community so that the next person may not have any confusion. The obedience letters and the letters to the Bishops concerned will be sent as soon as possible. May our Blessed Mother Guide us in our journey towards the fulfillment of Christ's mission on earth and May St. Louis Marie help us to grow as Liberos and to proclaim through our consecrated life that TotusTuus is our slogan.

Provincial House
Adarsh Bhavan
Provincial: Fr. Michael Sahayaraj
Provincial bursar & Superior: Fr.Jerome
Secretariat: Fr. Judis

2. Formation Houses
Maria Bhavan
Rector: Fr. Selvakumar
Socius: Fr. Aswani Kumar
Marian Centre Director: Fr. Peter Mascarenhas

Sneha Bhavan
Novice Master: Fr. Reny
Socius: Fr. Jason
Estate Manager: Fr. Joji

Montfort Nivas
Rector: Fr. Johnson
Socius: Fr. Richard

Minor Seminary
Rector: Fr. Dominic
Socius: Fr. Madhivanan
Spiritual Director: Fr. Peter Swamy

Montfort Nilayam
Minor Seminary
Rector: Fr. Shibi
Socius: Fr. Jeevan

3. Mission & Parish Ministry
Tribal Mission
Superior & Education: Fr. Francis
Socius& Parish Priest: Fr. Vara Prasad
K.D.Jola Parish Priest: Fr. Ravi

Vizag Mission Attached To
Shanthinagar Mission

Bethamcherla Parish
Superior & Parish Priest: Fr. Kiran

Sira Parish
Superior & Parish Priest: Fr. David
Member: Fr. Divyanathan

Hirekerur Parish
Superior & Parish Priest: Fr. T. Joseph

S.Pudur Parish
Superior & Parish Priest: Fr. Irudayaraj
Asst Pp: John Lawrence

Parish Ministry In Chikmagalur Diocese
Superior: Fr. John Victor Dias
Malandur Parish& Estates Co-Ordination
Parish Priest: Fr. Victor Dias
Regent : Bro. James

Matsagara Parish
Parish Priest: Fr. Isaac

Holenarispura Parish
Parish Priest: Fr. John Baptist

Parish Ministry In Tamil Nadu
Dindugal Parish
Parish Priest: Fr. Sebastian

Puthanatham Parish
Parish Priest: Fr. Moses

Mehamalai Parish
Parish Priest: Fr. Philip

4. Goa Arch Diocese
Parish Priest: Fr. Norbert
Ast. Parish Priest: Fr. Anthony

5. Arch Diocese Of Bangalore
Parish Priest: Fr. Jesuraj

Srinivasapura Parish Priest: Fr. Michael Menezes

6.Anugraha&Social Work
Superior: Fr. J. Joseph
Socius: Fr. Premkumar

7. Montfort Farm
Superior: Fr. Roy Elavankal
Socius: Fr. Prabhakar
Member: Fr. Maria Salath

8. Vocation Promotion
Fr. Jason

9. Jesuit Collaboration
Community College
Fr. Deepak

Prerana & Teaching Experience
Fr. Muthu

10. Social Work
Fr. Premkumar

11. Png Mission
Fr. Prashanth
Fr. Robert

12. Ongoing Formation
Fr. Johnmarie