The Spirituality of St. Louis Marie De Montfort
The core of Montfortian Spirituality is the renewal of the baptismal promises.In the works of Saint Louis de Montfort we find the principal elements of his spirituality: strongly Trinitarian, an emphasis on Jesus as the Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom, a stress on the victorious Cross and on Mary’s role in the salvation history. Montfort's intense devotion to Mary is clearly Christocentric. With Mary we enter into a more intense and more immediate union with Incarnate Wisdom. Montfort calls it "Consecration to the Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom" through the loving hands of Mary. This loving, free surrender to God's plan renews us in the Spirit so that we may "carry out great things for God and for the salvation of souls" .
Montfort concludes that all must be done for God Alone. "To know Jesus Christ the Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom is to know enough; to know everything and not to know Him, is to know nothing." No wonder that this vagabond of the Lord begged God for a community of missionaries who would be a "body-guard of handpicked men to protect his House ..." No wonder that his battle-cry and the one he gave to his religious communities was the simple yet powerful: GOD ALONE! The reform of the Church through a new, lived-out affirmation of our baptism into Christ whereby we willingly and fully accept who we are, the loving slaves of Jesus in Mary.