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Last Saturday of every month we have monthly recollection for the seminarians who are residing around Maria Bhavan community. These brothers are belonging to different congregations.

On 29th of October 2016, the monthly Recollection for the seminarians was organized in Maria Bhavan community. The total participants were for about fifty. Along with brothers there were also fathers who attended the talk and they were available for our confession. Each month this recollection is arranged in different congregation, really it’s a blessing for all of us. On 29th of October Fr. Selva Kumar SMM, the Rector of Maria Bhavan community gave us the Recollection talk and his theme was “The Significance of Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy in our Ministry” with the Power Point Presentation in special reference to Pope Francis. It was quite enriching and inspirational for us to practice mercy in our pastoral ministry. After the recollection talk we all had break and then moved to the refectory for coffee. After that we all had adoration in our chapel with the light music. During adoration, in silence we all had confession where we experienced the love and the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. Then we concluded the recollection with the Marian Hymn. A big thanks to the organizing team, for their effort and for their selfless service. May God bless them all.
Bro Ravi