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Community Picnic
On 15th of October 2016, we the Maria Bhavan community along with the staff members went for picnic to the place called Aladamara (Banyan Tree) which is little outskirts of Bangalore Metropolitan city. We the scholastics after finishing our first semester at DVK, felt the need to have a break to have the community picnic and it was realised and we are cheerful about it.

On our way to Alladamara, first we paid a visit to Benedictine monastery. It was really an enriching experience. We all sang a hymn to Our Lady in their chapel and then went around their campus and proceeded our journey to Alladamara. For most of us this was the first time to have the picnic in that historical place. Having reached to this place we all had a housie housie game and then we had a sumptuous meal. We also had the ecological experience around this Alladamara. We thank and praise God for this great day. God is great and worthy of our praise Ps 18:3, 48:1, 96:4 & 145:3.
Bro Jai Kumar