Montfort Missionaries

Montfort's successors were called "Mulotins", as well as priests or missionaries. In 1919, the General Chapter confirms the designation "MISSIONARIES OF THE COMPANY OF MARY' (SocietasMariaeMontfortana). Fr. Henri Richard, (former General) wrote in a circular letter dated May 21, l919, "From now on, to designate the Company with a single word, we will use the word 'MONTFORTIANI, in Latin 'Montfortanus"'.S.M.M. is a foundation that Montfort's successors will have to carry out.The aspect of strong and pure faith we find in his PRAYER FOR MISSIONARIES. The year 1966, in which we celebrated the 250th deathAnniversary of St. Montfort, was the occasion for the Montfortian Families for many activities that favored a coming back to the sources and a realization of the Montfortian heritage.It gave also a starting point to a new era of collaboration between the Montfortian Congregations. The company of Mary today in fidelity to Montfort tries to answer the needs of the Church that we read in his letter no. 5. The Company of Mary is called to be faith to the original vision of St. Montfort by imitating him.