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GROTTO: Our lady of ‘Miracles’ @ Kanathi

The Dream of Montfort was ‘to make Jesus and Mary known and to be loved.’

Having this dream in mind Montfort fathers in India built a nice grotto amidst the greeneries and high peak mountains. The grotto is situated close to the main road that passes from Chikmagalore to Sringeri route. The idea is to help thefaithful who pass by can have their view of Our Lady and pray to their heart-full. So that they too may be accompanied by our Blessed Mother as Montfort always did. This project was made possible through the generous hands of our benefactors, the Lobo family. We sincerely pray that their intensions may be heard.

May 31st morning at 9.30 am, Montfort Missionaries along with other priests & sisters added with many family friends had gathered together to bless the grotto and to open it for the public. In the presence of Fr. Provincial and the team, Fr. Jerome, the bursar of the Indian province, blessed the grotto. For our admiration, Mr. Walter Pinto, the engineer who has built many grottos in the past, for this is his 804th grotto, including the grotto at the campus of St .Philomena’s Mysore, said “I have never seen such a beautiful and powerful grotto as this one, even if I have built so many in the past.”

We the Novitiate community is really happy to have this grotto for our spiritual enrichment and to have a lived experience of our Montfortian Spirituality here in our novitiate journey while sharing it with others. As we pray the rosary at the grotto every day, we have been motivated and challenged to live our life joyfully and committed.

For Sneha Bhavan Novitiate Community,
John Dharshan (novice).

Grotto of Our lady of Miracles
Novitiate House, Kanathi