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Feast of Our Lady of Favours
Our Lady of Favors feast we celebrated on 12 of October at the grotto, solemnized by our provincial Rev.Fr. Michael Sagayaraj Smm, it was a great feast in the month your Lady of the Rosary. In honor of this feast we too organized three days of Triduvum, having three different themes and the preachers were our own priests from different places. The feast was very nice, in which the Montfort associates took initiatives to organize the feast day. There were also two testimonies of receiving the favor from our beloved mother.

A brief history of Guru Mandir, Minor Seminary, Mysore:
Feast of Our Lady of Favours Our Holy Founder St.Louis Marie De Montfort was a great devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He is founder of three Congregations and several Pious Associations to make known Christ through Our Blessed Virgin Mary. In fact, we the Montfort Fathers are known as the “Company of Mary”. Our Congregation is entrusted to the maternal care of Our Blessed Virgin Mary. We remain grateful to the Lord for the gifts of persons who are responsible for the foundation of our Province in India and who bought this beautiful property of Guru Mandir. Fr. Jentro Marcel our former Superior general and his councils, the Provincial team of Italy and Great Britain who have sent confrers like Frs.Attlilio Corna, Michalangelo Corna, Mario Belothi, Fr.Donald Macdonald, and Fr.John Kiran Flynn. It is because of them, we are here today. Gurumandir community is existing here since the year 1982. We also remain grateful to all our Provincial team and the Staff and Students of Gurumandir right from the beginning of 1982 for their selfless and dedicated service.

A brief history of Our Lady of Favours:
As Montfortians, we have great devotion to Our Blessed Mother. We celebrate all the feasts of our Blessed Mother and pray the Holy Rosary daily. This grotto was built when Fr. Anil Kumar was the Regoinal Superior, Fr.Peter Swamy was the Rector of Gurumandir and Fr.Bala Shourie was the Administrator of Gurumandir in the year 1987-88. Ever since, our students began to visit the grotto before going to St.Philominas’ college Mysore and the concluding prayer of the Rosary in front of the grotto in the evenings. Slowly all those who come here for daily Mass and Sunday mass began to pray at this grotto including the people of other faith. All those who have asked a favor from Our Blessed mother, never went back empty-handed because she is the Most Favored one of God, the Master piece of God’s all creation, the Immaculate and the most worthy Mother of Jesus Christ. According to St.Louis Marie De Montfort, to achieve anything, one must seek the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary who is our good mother who will intercede for us and grant us the favour we ask for through His son Jesus Christ. TO JESUS THROUGH MARY.

As more and more people began to experience that their prayers were heard, miracles, signs and wonders have taken place in their lives, experienced the healing touch of Jesus through the Our Blessed Mother, the Gurumandir community began the Holy Rosary, and Novena Masses to Our Lady of Favours on First Saturdays and holy rosary and novena on all Saturdays from 23rd January 2016 onwards. In Lk 4/ 18-19 we read that Jesus is sent to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour. This is the mission of Our Blessed Mother the most favoured one of God. And she is faithful to her mission until the salvation of all is achieved and for all Eternity. Taking in to consideration the peoples witness and testimonies the special initiatives were taken by the Gurumandir staff of that time Rev. Fr. John Marie smm, Rev. Fr. Peter Swamy smm and Rev.Fr. Amalraj smm, to honor our lady of favors at the grotto there by we began to celebrate mass on all the first Saturdays of the month and other Saturdays we have rosary and novena to our lady of Favors. The people began rushing on all the days of novena and even people of other faith come and pray unto our lady of favors pleading for various favors and giving various testimonies.

The present staff of Gurumandir Rev.Fr. Dominic took little more initiatives to organize well the novena days to spread the devotion of our lady of Favors by facilitating Eucharist and novena on all the Saturdays of the month. The devotion continues to spread among the seminarians and the people of God by which all are motivated to pray through the intercession of our lady of favors who gives her son to those who are in need of Favors. May Our Lady of Favors intercede for each and every one of us and may the perfect love of God reign in our hearts. Let us celebrate this first feast of Our Lady of Favors invoking God’s abundance Blessings upon each one of us, in our families, in our communities and the entire world at large. Wish you one and all a very happy feast of Our Lady of favors...
Fr. Amalraj Smm