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Scholastic Community Picnic

After having completed our first semester of this academic year 2017 at DVK, we the members of the community of Maria Bhavan, spent a day for our community picnic on 24th October at the TK Falls which was arranged by our formators. It’s a well known place people all throughout the season visit this spot. Our brothers and fathers have enjoyed the quality time at the picnic spot near Bannerghatta National Park, Bengaluru.

It was a pleasant, serene, inspiring and enriching experience to be part of the nature, setting off from the city noises and academic studies felt one with the nature. All of us enjoyed the journey that we had to this picnic spot, the entertainment and the games. Fathers gave prizes for the winners for the games that we had. Moreover the meal and the cool drinks that were provided were delicious and yummy… After having spent enough time at the water falls we returned to the community, we feel that we are refreshed to start our second semester at DVK with enthusiasm and passion.

We, the scholastics are grateful to the formators (Fr. Selva kumar and Fr. Aswani) and also to Fr. Peter who is Maria Centre director at Maria Bhavan for making us happy and being with us on this great day of our picnic. May God bless us all.

Bro. John Bosco III B Ph.