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Children’s day Programme
“Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow,” APJ Abdul Kalam (Former Indian President). On 20th of November 2016 our Maria Bhavan community celebrated the Children’s Day in our campus which commemorates India’s First Prime Minister Jawarharlal Nehru’s birth Anniversary. Children fondly call him Chacha Nehru. Seeing his incredible love for children, the day is observed as Children’s Day, which is a great tribute to this great soul of our country. He poured great affection on Children wherever he went, whether in the country or abroad. Nehru’s birthday is 14th November since he loved the children so much he decided to celebrate his birthday as children’s day, and we are proud to celebrate it.

This year the total number of children who came to Maria Bhavan was 123, and the volunteers were for about ten who brought the children to our house. These children came from four different orphanages including Anugraha (Taken care by the Montfort Fathers). To have this celebration we the Fathers, brothers and with the help of Montfortian lay associates contributed some amount for the success of this programme and the rest was met by the community of Maria Bhavan. We began this programme with prayer and then followed by different kind of games conducted by Maria Bhavan brothers then lunch and concluded the day with the cultural programme. The cultural programme was outstanding, admirable and adorable where we gave the chances for the children to exhibit their talents and potentialities and they did so. And at 5 pm, the programme was over with the distribution of prizes and then with the high tea. WE LOVE YOU CHILDREN.

Fr. Selva Kumar smm