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Children’s Day Celebration

“Let the little children come to me theirs is the kingdom of heaven” (Mt 19:14). This was the core message of the children’s day celebration what we conducted on 19th November 2017 at Maria Bhavan community. It was indeed a great day to get rid of our usual busy schedule to cherish little moment with the kids. There were more than 85 children who came from three different communities, like Anugraha, Ashadeep and Virginia Nivas etc. They all arrived around 9:15 am in the morning followed by inauguration and the lighting of the lamp. Fr. Selva Kumar the Rector of Maria Bhavan gave a beautiful speech on the importance and the relevance of celebrating the children’s day. Of course it was an inspirational speech for all those present there.

The programme began with some group activities which were conducted for the children by the Sholastics. There were also some group games in which children were actively participated. There was a good co-operation from the children and all the brothers who were the volunteers of that day. Without forgetting our DJ’s who were indeed a great support throughout the programme by playing different rhythms of music which gave flavor to the programme.

The second most important event would be afternoon sumptuous meal. Children really enjoyed the meal eating together with new friends sharing their happiness and joy with everyone. Then around 2.30 pm we began the cultural activities. The children came with different performance and it was a wonderful time to explore their talents and abilities in our auditorium. At the end of the programme the Maria Bhavan community gave some gifts to all the children. This year many of our Fathers came to our house witness this event and we are grateful to Fr. Michael our Provincial, Fr. Joseph our Vice Provincial, Fr. Jerome, Fr. Jesu Raj, Fr. Prem and Fr. Deepak for their valuable presence and encouragement. Then around 5:00 pm we concluded the programme with evening tea and snakes. It was indeed an important day to mark in our calendar.

Bro. Santhosh III BPh