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Cardinal’s Visit
On 7th December 2016 at 5: 45 pm, the newly elevated Cardinal of Papua New Guinea Sir John Ribat had visited our Maria Bhavan community. To receive him and to attend the Holy Eucharist of the Cardinal, our neighbouring religious communities were invited, the total number of the religious were seventy. We had the Mass at 6: 30 pm in the evening; we began the mass with the beginning of Indian ritual that is, placing sandal paste on the forehead of the Cardinal followed by lighting of the lamp by him. The homily of the Cardinal was inspiring and heart touching. After the post communion Your Excellency was honoured by Our Provincial Superior Fr Michael Sahaya Raj on behalf of Indian Province and then Fr Rector Selva Kumar who honoured him with shawl on behalf of Maria Bhavan community then Sr Lilly the Provincial Superior of Daughters of Wisdom honoured him with bouquet on behalf of the gathering.

After the Eucharist we all moved to our Refectory where Your Excellency was invited to cut the Cake and then we all congratulated him and wished him GOOD LUCK then we all had sumptuous meal. I am happy to extend my sincere thanks to Fr Michal and Fr Rosario for bringing Your Excellency to our community to have this significant celebration. I remain grateful to you.
Fr. Selva Kumar smm