Brothers of St.Gabriel

The origin of the Brothers of St.Gabriel, were the companions of Montfort, who worked with him in missions and in the field of education. The Brothers of St.Gabriel were made in teaching autonomous congregation by Fr. Gabriel Deshayes, Superior General of the institute of Montfort. At his death, in 1841, they were hundred in numbers, some of which engaged in the education of deaf-mutes who became a privileged scope of their mission. They are now working in 30 countries their number is 1200 and they have15 religious provinces: one in America, two in Africa, four in Europe and eight in Asia.The brothers work primarily with youths in school environments, and in technical schools offering them a human and spiritual education inspired by Gospel values. With the help of 10,000 lay employees they educate nearly 200,000 young people around the globe, and we are proud of their service and commitment.