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Assembly Committee Meeting - Minutes

Following are the members for planning the Assembly and the celebrations of Tercentenary and Silver Jubilee of the Confreres.

It was decided in the Council that Frs. Michael Sahayaraj, J. Joseph, Jerome, Selvakumar and Aswani Kumar will be the committee members.

The meeting was held in Adarsh Bhavan at 10.00 am with a prayer from Fr. Michael, the Provincial. The place and number of days for the celebration was confirmed. It was decided to have the assembly and the celebrations at Maria Bhavan. The final year Theologians along with two students from Peru who are coming down for holidays will participate in the assembly. The following are the details of the discussion:

1st Day - Tuesday, 31st January 2017
8.00 am -   Breakfast
9.00 am -   Session I - input session on the theme of the General Chapter: The Universal Mission.
10.30 am -   Tea Break
11.00 am -   Session II - Discussion based on the input session with questions to be clarified (Till Lunch)
1.00 pm -   Lunch
3.00 pm -   Session III - input session by Integrity Committee on Child Abuse and Vulnerable Adults.
4.00 pm -   Tea Break
4.15 pm -   Session IV - Discussion and clarifications
5.30 pm -  
6.30 pm -   Mass - Closing the Tercentenary Celebrations (Fr. Provincial).
7.30 pm -   Get together (at auditorium)
8.00 pm -   Supper

2nd Day- Wednesday, 1st February 2017
6.45 am -   Morning Prayer
7.00 am -   Mass (Fr. Norbert) We remember our Departed Confreres: Months mind Requiem mass for the soul of Fr.Raj
8.00 am -   Breakfast
9.00 am -   Session I - Matters of General Chapter (animated by the Provincial)
10.30 am -   Tea Break
11.00 am -   Issues / Challenges of Indian Vice-province - Discussion (animated by Fr. Rosario)
1.00 pm -   Lunch
2.30 pm -   Address by Indian Confreres working for International missions
3.30 pm -   Election of Representatives for the General Chapter (animated by Fr. Rosario & Final year Theologians)
4.30 pm -   Tea
7.30 pm -   Rosary
8.00 pm -   Supper

3rd Day - Thursday, 2nd February 2017
7.30 am -   Morning Prayer
8.00 am -   Breakfast
10.00 am -   Tea
10.30 am -   Mass (Silver Jubilee Celebration)
12.00 noon -   Felicitation to the Jubilarians
1.00 pm -   Lunch

3.30 pm - Meeting for all the Superiors & Bursars of SMM Communities